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South Africa 475 and 223-4, England 342

At tea Sunfoil (one of the sponsors, who make sunflower oil rather than sunscreen or foil or any of my other guesses) give away free cakes in the family zone, and since there are so few people in the ground Joanne and I decided to try our luck at getting free cakes. We succeeded – she had a doughnut and I got a macaron. I also got interviewed by the stadium TV and appeared on the big screen. I suppose they are running out of people to talk to.

  In the family zone I bumped into Steph, one of the people I met on safari in Kruger. She was involved in a game of grass-bank cricket, which I joined in. Rule are similar to beach cricket: everyone fields, preferably one-handed with a beer in the other hand; you bat till you’re out or everyone else gets bored; every LBW shout is always plumb but never given; and hitting a ball into the pitch or into the TV crew is six and out.

Now the rain clouds have started gathering, and I fear we’ll have another curtailed session.