In case you’ve been worrying, I flew in safely to Durban, got a South African SIM so I can access the internet (crucial on cricket tours!), FaceTimed my family in Devon to wish them all Happy Christmas, and I’m now ensconced in my hotel room looking forward to a proper night’s sleep.

Long-haul flights are a weird experience, seemingly outside of normal life – an effect enhanced by the way departure and arrival times have very little relationship to the time spent in the air. They seem to go on forever while they are happening, but then are almost entirely forgotten immediately after landing, enduring only as a hurdle you know exists between you and home. So it now feels like Christmas Day entirely passed me by – but of course the big event for a cricket fan is not Christmas Day but the Boxing Day Test, and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning with the prospect of a day watching England against South Africa – the first of many over the next few weeks, if only the rain will hold off. I’m not going to make any predictions because I always get them entirely wrong, but I really hope this is an exciting, competitive series. Bring on Boxing Day!